Hey Survivors,
Today the entire server restarted- yes, even the world. We have managed to add new plugins and donator perks, including new ranks.
-New Survival World
-Added Ranks
  Quartz Donor

  Redstone Donor
  Overlord Donor
-Donator Perks
  Particle Trails
  Catching Mobs
  Riding Mobs
Please Note: Change log is still being edited!
Yes, Survivalcraft is now an official Minecraft server. Yes that means Hamachi is no longer required to join us. That also means Survivalcraft will be on 24 hours a week. Lastly, Survivalcraft won't have much lag as it used to have. Please note that the server is hosted in US, so if you live in the other side of the world you will be lagging. Anyway, the IP address is, the port is required or you will join a random server. Remember, this server is SMP. Make sure to check the rules here. This server also has AuthMe - we use it because Survivalcraft is also a cracked server. When you join the server follow the instructions. Have fun survivors!
The Survivalcraft Team
Survivalcraft Status
Hey guys!
Welcome to Survivalcraft's official site. Here you'll find ton of information about Survivalcraft.
We are currently are a hamachi (no hamachi) server, and we will try to be 24/7, no lag, no hamachi on January 6th. Though, if you donate this server will be 24/7, no lag, no hamachi sooner. Also, please like us on Facebook! :)
    Survivalcraft Status
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    Survivalcraft is a Minecraft server created by Tomaure. It has many plugins such as Essentials! 


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